Victoria House 30 Roland Road, Guildford, GU23 8VB

Your Building

Fox Housing
9 Storeys (over 15m)
Purpose-Built Residential Accommodation
Predominantly Able-Bodied

Flat Layout

Single-storey and multi-storey flats
Escape via front door only
No sprinkler or suppression systems
Entrance hallways offer fire protection
Flat entrance doors open on to corridors

Communal Layout

Single staircase
Ventilated sterile lobbies

Fire Risk

Overall Risk Rating is Tolerable

36 Flat Entrance Doors

12 of 36 inspected within the past three months
24 of 36 inspected within the past six months
36 of 36 inspected within the past three months

What to do if there's a fire?

This building warrants a Stay Put evacuation strategy, which means:

If the fire is in your flat

You should leave immediately.

If you see a fire in the communal area

You should leave immediately.

If there is a fire in another part of the building

Unless you are directly affected or feel unsafe you should stay put unless told otherwise.

What's keeping me safe?

Buildings generally have an underlying fire strategy which explains how the building should respond to fire and smoke.

View a summary of fire precautions below.

Smoke Control

The most significant risk in a fire is often not the fire itself, but the associated smoke. Ideally the smoke's movement is restricted and ventilated away from stairwells and lobbies.

Lobbies and stairwells have mechanical smoke extraction
Flats feature protected hallways which reduce the risk of fire and smoke spread past front doors and into communal areas
Flats front doors open on to corridors reducing smoke spread into lobbies and stairwells
Lobbies are vented and sterile, serving only corridors and the lift and stairwells

Report an Issue

Contact Fox Housing to report any issues related to fire safety.

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